Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eventswish?

Eventswish is the simplest and fastest way to find wedding and event vendors for your wedding, birthday, graduation, Anniversary or corporate event.

How does it work?

When looking for a vendor, you have to sign up as a customer or login if you are a returning one. Then you can either send a general request or individual one.
Vendors receive a notification when a customer sends a general request and customers receive an email notification when a request is answered.

Do I have to sign up in order to send a request to a vendor?

Yes! We require that you sign up for your first time or login if already registered when looking for a vendor. We want to be able to notify you when a vendor messages you about your event request.

Does Eventswish require signing a contract?

Eventswish does not require vendors to sign a contract to be on the platform. Vendors have the freedom to join Eventswish with no obligation.

Once a vendor and a customer agree on a quote, are they required to work with each other?

A quote is not a binding agreement, but once the vendor and client agree on a price and decide to do business together, a relationship should take place.

Can a vendor be paid through Eventswish?

Customers cannot pay vendors through Eventswish at this time. Payment should be made directly to the vendor

I do not see any listed vendor in my area, where is Eventswish?

Eventswish started in southern California and is making its way to where you are. Depending on who you are searching for, we have vendors ranging from Event Planners, Photographers, Videographers, Florists, DJs and Live Bands who are able to travel to your location to make your wedding or event a legendary occasion. You might also be able to find great venues with great deals that will inspire you to travel to host your special day at their locations. Don’t be discouraged because you do not see vendors in your area.

What is the response time on Eventstwish?

Once your request is received, an answer can be sent to you from just a few minutes up to 48 hours.